Server Rack Shipping Case

  In 2017, we were approached by a client looking for a way to ship the computer servers they manufacture around the world in a way that was secure, reliable and economical. Many in the industry use rackmount shipping containers which can ...

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Luxury Furniture

  We received a request from a client looking for tailor-made packaging for their range of high end furniture. These items are made of delicate upholstery and intricate wooden designs so it was essential that our cases would provide optimal ...

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Easter Cases!!

This Easter, we took it upon ourselves to build some very special cases for some of our customers... We decided that to show our appreciation to some of our newest and most valued clients, we would create some bespoke timber cases that have been ...

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Tropical pack case study

At Quality Packaging Services we go above and beyond to provide the best quality packaging for any item. Whether it be a tricky shape, size or weight, or whether you have special packaging requirements, we endeavor to find and produce the best ...

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