Case Studies

Luxury Furniture


We received a request from a client looking for tailor-made packaging for their range of high end furniture. These items are made of delicate upholstery and intricate wooden designs so it was essential that our cases would provide optimal support and security. We achieved this by ensuring that every case was manufactured according to exact item specifications; over 150 pages of diagrams and measurements were consulted to ensure each case was the perfect fit. We also used protective foam on the inner lining of the cases to ensure there was no risk of scratching or denting these precious items.




Our client intended to use the packaging to transport their luxury furniture to trade exhibitions up and down the country, so it was essential that the cases we produced were reusable. This was no problem for us at QPS as we pride ourselves on using top quality timber that doesn’t give in to wear and tear like the products of many of our competitors. Our lockable catches and attached foam linings mean that these crates can be used time and time again.

Ease of transportation was also a key factor for our client. As the furniture would have to be moved about considerably outside of a warehouse environment, something more adaptable was required than our standard forklift bases. We therefore attached heavy-duty swivel wheels to every case, ensuring they could be moved easily and securely.

We always have van and lorry drivers on hand to ferry our finished cases to clients, but on this occasion our client sent their own transport. The lorry that arrived at our site was a little smaller than we had anticipated but our capable loading team were able to adapt and rise to the challenge, organising and fastening the cases efficiently and sending them on their way securely in plenty of time.