Case Studies

Server Rack Shipping Case


In 2017, we were approached by a client looking for a way to ship the computer servers they manufacture around the world in a way that was secure, reliable and economical. Many in the industry use rackmount shipping containers which can be expensive, and require unpacking and re-packing either side of transit. Our client wanted a way to transport their already stocked 19-inch rack cabinets from A to B without the hassle and expense, and was surprised they couldn’t find a viable alternative already on the market.



Never the type to shy away from a challenge, our expert design team developed a number of custom-built plywood cases to securely contain the server rack cabinets, that can be easily transported across the country and shipped overseas. The cases feature a forklift base to ensure ease of transportation and internal foam lining to protect the fragile and expensive electronics within during transit.



We added a hinged front panel made with reinforced 18mm plywood, which not only ensures the cases are easy to use and re-use, but also forms a ramp, allowing the wheeled server racks to be easily loaded and unloaded. The ramp also features plywood guiding batons either side to ensure the loading process is secure.



This was a really rewarding project, testing the innovative spirit at the heart of QPS, and we’re proud to be our client’s sole provider of server cases two years on.