Case Studies

Tropical pack case study

At Quality Packaging Services we go above and beyond to provide the best quality packaging for any item. Whether it be a tricky shape, size or weight, or whether you have special packaging requirements, we endeavor to find and produce the best solution in line with your requirements.


An example of our adaptability and clear customer focus can be shown by this recent case study:


The problem: Our client required the packing and shipping of valuable and important ship parts,with the additional requirement that they were to then be stored dockside for 2 years.The solution: Our client commissioned us at QPS to carry out a packing requirement with a difference. With the cases being left dockside for a substantial period of time, we were acutely aware of ensuring the cases were weather-proofed, avoiding moisture ingress.


The cases were built with ISPM15 compliant heat-treated timber and then coated with a water-resistant protective product. For the packaging of these particular goods, we carried out a‘Tropical Pack’ to ensure the best possible waterproofing of the cases. The inside of the cases were all lined with Kraft union water-resistant paper, and the goods sealed in a vacuum seal foil bag containing desiccant.


Our clients were very happy with both the finished product, but also the care, consideration and detailed thought process that went in behind the scenes to ensure the safety and protection of their goods.


If you require custom-built cases for the transport and safe storage of your items, QPS have a solution, whatever the weather. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements today.