At Solent Packing, we believe no packaging service is complete without including an excellent range of protective components to ensure your products receive optimal levels of care, whatever tricky transit or storage demands they face. That’s why we offer a number of top quality polethylene and polyurethane foam solutions, from case linings and standard model stratocell products, to bespoke fittings tailor-made for your items. Whatever your fragile item, be it a delicate computer component or a luxury item of furniture, our foam packaging options will offer a reliable solution.


Bespoke polyurethane foam fittings


Key features:
• Can be cut, pressed and laminated to exact sizes and shapes required.
• A variety of foam types available including flame-retardant furniture grade foam and anti-static soft foam for use on electrical items in transit.
• Profile foam (also known as convoluted foam or egg box foam) also available.
• Ideal for use with circuit boards and similarly fragile components, this product’s grooved design provides protection while applying minimal pressure to the product’s surface.


Stratocell foam products


Key features:
• Provides excellent cushioning to protect your items during transit.
• Made with high quality closed cell polethylene.
• Non-abrasive.
• Lightweight and cost-effective.
• Resistant to moisture.
• Provides thermal insulation.




Key features:
• Top of the range polethylene foam for use with high end products.
• Can be cut into very intricate shapes.
• Smooth touch.
• Can be made into specialist trays and inserts.