Hedgehog Hotels

Hedgehog Hotels

Habitat loss is a big threat to the UK hedgehog population and has seen the species rapidly decline in recent years. In 1995 it was estimated that there were around 1.5million hedgehogs in the wild, now - there are less than 500,000. As more and more of their natural habitats are destroyed, hedgehogs are relying on urban and suburban gardens to survive.

We’re keen wildlife enthusiasts here at Dinky Dwellings and as such have developed our Hedgehog Hotels in a bid to protect the species and provide them with shelter in the bitter winter months. We utilised plywood cut to size and various sizes of treated timber to construct these robust outdoor homes

Hedgehogs typically hibernate between November and mid-March. With November being bonfire season it can be a particularly dangerous time of the year for these tiny creatures, who often seek shelter in piles of leaves and garden debris.

Built using only the best quality marine plywood and feather edge board – these cosy homes are built to withstand the elements, predators and time. Marine ply utilises an A-bond glue, allowing it to stand strong in the face of all the unique challenges that come with being used in the unpredictable outdoors. Our Hedgehog Hotels are then painted with specialist external paint – meaning they’ll not only be a beautiful addition to your garden but they’ll stay that way.

We have constructed our Hedgehog Hotels with an internal tunnel, this is to prevent predators such as foxes and cats from reaching inside with their paws.

   The roof can be lifted off for access should you wish to clean them out although we wouldn’t recommend doing so whilst the hedgehogs are staying in them as this could frighten them and encourage them to seek refuge somewhere that may not be as safe. We would advise clearing out the Hedgehog Hotel annually  (late March – early April) to prevent the build-up of pests.

The location of your Hedgehog Hotel is very important, you will need to pick a quiet spot in the shade. Hedgehogs mainly rely on hearing and smell as their eyesight isn’t the best so you want to make it as familiar as possible for them. We recommend packing the inside with newspaper, leaves and dry grass.

Our unique Hedgehog Hotels really are the perfect Hibernation Stations for our spiky friends and we hope that they will make a real difference in helping the hedgehog population this Winter.

Product Specifications

Dimensions - 64 cm long x 50 cm wide x 46cm high
Weight - 11kg