Log Stores

Traditional Wooden Log Store

Finding the right type of log store to shield your logs from the elements can be tricky. First and foremost you want To ensure they are stared correctly, to do this they will need ta be kept away from the ground to avoid damp seeping in.

An enclosed log store will keep the cold and wet weather at bay, these elements can have a detrimental effect on your logs, and as we all know logs with a high-moisture content won’t burn well – which isn’t ideal if you rely on them to heat your home. Our log stores have been designed with slats which keep them ventilated, providing a constant flow of air to prevent damp. Our wooden log stores have been constructed using the best tanalised treated timber, guaranteeing a high-quality finish, and weatherproofing it from the somewhat unpredictable English weather. Our custom-built log stores are built to the highest standards, not only will they keep your logs dry – they look beautiful too. Our handcrafted wooden log stores allow you to save space and most importantly keep your logs stored properly. We have two styles to choose from, they are: Hand-crafted log stores

Need something more bespoke?

Perhaps space is limited, or maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind custom log store. We work with you to curate the ultimate log-store design – completely tailored to your requirements. We can build a log store to your dimensions with the option of including additional features such as doors, shelves ..** what other additional features do we offer? Our log stores are weather robust and built to last. Constructed using only the very best high-quality treated timber to ensure they withstand the elements and keep your logs in optimal condition. We have worked with a number of clients on a series of handcrafted log store projects. We’re passionate about what we do and as such we are always open to new ideas, design concepts and finishes. Our expert woodworkers take great pride in their craft and this is reflected in the glowing reviews we have received from our clients. Whether you’re looking for something unique or a simple yet size-specific design please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or further information.

Product Specifications

Apex Style - £150.00
Barn Style (Flat Roof) - £175.00

Apex style Dimensions - 140cm W x 70cm D x 130cm H
Barn style Dimensions - 120cm W x 62.5cm D x 123.5cm H